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Tips for Using Hashtags for Homeschool Marketing

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Let’s talk #hashtags.

Hashtags are an extremely powerful tool in the world of digital marketing, especially on Instagram where you can use up to 30 per post.

Hashtags can help you find what’s trending in your industry as well as help you be discovered. Therefore you need to be strategic about using them in your social media posts.

Tips for Using Hashtags for Homeschool Marketing

Think you are ready to join the hashtag party?

Remember these tips ::

  • Use hashtags that are popular and relatable to your market.
  • Have a branded hashtag? Use it consistently. Include it in your bio.
  • On Instagram use hashtags to describe the photo being posted.
  • On Twitter use hashtags that complement the tweet.
  • #DontUseReallyLongHashtags. They aren’t effective (unless your goal is merely to be cute).
  • Always include a caption on your Instagram photo–not only a hashtag.

Ok. Now are you ready?

Of course, you are!


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