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Getting Started on Social Media

Social media is like a hungry beast that has to be continually fed and coddled. It can feel overwhelming. But there are ways to make it easier and more effective. We know those timesaving tools and methods, and we can teach you how to implement them! Nearly all of our clients ask us what they need to be doing for social media, and in our custom Marketing Assessment for Your Site, Email, and Social Media, they get a personalized plan for their own particular product or service.

We find ourselves sounding like a broken record, giving the same advice over and over. So here are a few nuggets that we tell nearly every single client. The odds are great that this advice will apply to you too.

In general, we recommend that you have a presence on three primary social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The goals for each are distinct but important for your business. Below is a brief rationale for each; feel free to skip ahead to the service if you already understand why you need a strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Package Homeschool Dot Marketing


Homeschool moms love (no, I mean ♥♥LOVE♥♥) Facebook. They are there. Often, regularly, and for long periods of time.

In our 2017 survey of over 3,000 homeschool parents, 85% said they use Facebook daily. [In comparison, 30% use Instagram at least weekly, and 53% use Pinterest at least weekly.]

We asked them where they turn when searching for a homeschool idea or resource. Facebook was their #2 choice right after Google search. Facebook beat out friends, print magazines, and even their local homeschool group.

  • 49% said most likely to use Facebook (including Facebook groups)
  • 41% said may occasionally use Facebook (including Facebook groups)
  • In all, 90% of homeschool moms tend to turn to Facebook when looking for homeschool information.

Facebook can give you the best of everything—brand recognition, an ad platforminteraction with customers, and traffic to your site.


Instagram is where you get to see your products in action with real parents. You can interact with them, thank them, and cheer them on. Our advice is to dote on their cute kids, admire their tidy homeschool spaces, and…. here comes a huge perk… find great real-life photos that you may be able to use in your own content marketing. Wait. Did you catch that? When a customer shares a cool photo of your product in action, you can ask permission to use it. 99% of the time, the Instagram user will say YES!! (In your training, we’ll tell you exactly how to go about this getting permission and how to give proper credit.)

Instagram isn’t going to send a ton of traffic to your site. It’s simply not set up that way. But, Instagram is an outstanding platform for your fans and new customers to talk about you. When they share the word, you are getting free promotion! Plus (if their accounts are public), you have great user generated content to reshare on your own account. You want to be on Instagram so that your customers can tag you!


Pinterest is a traffic driver if you have pinnable content there. Pinterest is not actually a social media platform at all but a visual search engine. Just like you optimize for Google search, you need to optimize for Pinterest search. We can teach you the formula for this: tall image with logo and text overlay + keyword rich alt tag. Voila. It’s really that simple.

You need pinnable images on your site with social sharing (or pin it) buttons. Homeschool moms go to Pinterest to search for teaching ideas, printables, curriculum options, organization ideas, and more. Can they find you there? They can’t if you don’t have images with that formula (tall image with logo and text overlay + keyword rich alt tag) on your site.

Setup and Training for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook $1800, one time fee

A lot of our clients like to be very hands-on. And that’s great! It’s important for you to understand the strategy behind social media. In this setup and training package, we teach the why and the how. We do the leg work to get you started, and hand over the baton so you can keep it going. (Of course, we will train you or your proxy. If your social media manager needs a refresher, we can train your contractor instead of you.)


  • evaluate and optimize your 3 social media profiles
  • setting up 10 relevant Pinterest boards, each with at least 20 initial pins
  • working with creatives you provide to make branded visuals: (6-8) product/ad pins and (20) Instagram/Facebook shares
  • setting up social media tools (Tailwind {including Tribes}, Later, and Meet Edgar**) to get you started with automated social posting


  • training on basic social media principles for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • training* how to use Tailwind, Later, and Meet Edgar to maximize your reach
  • training* how to set up ads on Pinterest (and Facebook/Instagram ads if you like)

*Training will be done via screencast which you can watch at your own pace or via live video conference with screen sharing. Any screencast will include a follow up call to ask any questions.

**Subscription costs: Tailwind $119/year + Meet Edgar $49/month + Later $19/month

Social media management for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook $1080, monthly

If you would rather that we manage your accounts on a long-term basis, we can do that too.

  • regular updates, customized for the particular platform, using the most up to date methods and strategies
  • monitoring mentions of your business on those platforms and responding to interactions
  • audience building
  • distribution of the blog/visual content you create

The first month of management includes evaluation and optimization of the social media profile.

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