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  • "I just need more traffic to my site!"
  • "I only need to get the word out!"
  • "All I need is help with getting on the radar of homeschool parents."
  • "My problem is people don't know about me yet."
  • "If only more homeschool moms knew I existed..."

We get lots of inquiries like these from companies who want to reach the homeschool market. They think the problem lies in simply driving homeschool parents to visit their sites. Traffic is great, and you need it. But traffic—even targeted traffic—doesn't necessarily convert into sales.

Sadly, others never reach out to us, already jaded by poor results from the money they have spent on marketing. (And, really, that's a smart business move to stop spending on marketing. If it's not working, throwing more money at a bad solution is not going to help.) 

Personalized Homeschool Marketing Strategy Design


The problem is doing things out of order. Here is a simple formula that Jenn and I repeat over and over with nearly every client we help. We like to think of it in terms of throwing a party.

STEP ONE: Start with your own site.

Maximize the user experience, flesh out product descriptions, improve the visual components, etc. Make your site mobile friendly. Search engine optimize to the hilt. You may need to make a switch to a modern and robust content management system. (We suggest WordPress).

With the party analogy, this is when you take a look around your house before you even consider the guest list. You fix that wobbly toilet and spruce up the front flower bed. You make sure that you have plenty of chairs for your guests and double check that the ice maker is still working. You don't send out invitations and tie balloons to the mailbox until you've thought about the place where you are welcoming your guests.

STEP TWO: Focus on your existing email list.

Upsell and cross-sell to them. Nurture them. Build relationships with them. Get rid of archaic and clunky Aweber or Constant Contact and instead make the leap to ConvertKit or MailChimp.

Who normally comes to your parties? Invite them again and treat them well. They are already familiar with you and your home, so they are more likely to accept your party invitation (assuming that their last experience wasn't horrible).

STEP THREE: Get existing visitors to subscribe.

Entice visitors to stick around and then give them something incredible in exchange for an email address. Then sell to them via email (from STEP TWO).

In this step, you've got newcomers arriving at your party. They are bit hesitant because it's their first time at one of your events. But you put them at ease by being a great host. You offer them a drink or cocktail and an appetizer. They relax and start to have fun. How embarrassing it would be to have guests come to the party and have nothing to offer them! But, of course, you've got it all planned out, and it's delicious! They can't wait for their next invitation to come in the mail.

STEP FOUR: Attract more visitors.

With the above steps in place, you are now—finally—ready to welcome newcomers to your site. Now you can wisely pay for Facebook ads or a blog review campaign.

To continue the party analogy, this is when you put up a note on the library bulletin board, inviting anyone and everyone to your party. Your frequent guests are inviting their friends because your parties are happening! You are passing out invitations left and right because you know your house is ready and you've got a party system down pat—you've got plenty of parking area, you know the exact foods and drinks that your guests like, and you even know what conversation starters will keep the party atmosphere lively and upbeat.

What Do You Need for Homeschool Marketing?

Most of the time, people come to us looking for help with STEP FOUR. But they aren't ready for STEP FOUR because there is work to be done on steps 1, 2, and 3. If you are spending money to get new visitors to your site and are not making money, back up and work on the first three steps. That's where the problem lies.

You understand what your product is and how your site works. But your potential customer does not. As the creator of the product and possibly even your own web designer, you can't see your site through the eyes of a first-time visitor.

We can help you see what you can't see about your own site. We can help you identify where you are confusing your potential customers and making them click the back button.

With that said, sometimes clients actually are ready for STEP FOUR but simply need help executing the work. If you already have a vision for your marketing, we respect your ideas and will cooperate with you to bring that vision to life. Look under the SERVICES tab in our site navigation at top for everything we offer. Then reach out.

You Need a Comprehensive Strategy and Tools to Implement It

We will start with STEP ONE and work through to STEP FOUR with you, outlining a concrete plan for capturing those visitors with delight so they stay longer on your site, subscribe, open emails, and buy.

In the past you may have taken a piecemeal approach, briefly trying Facebook ads or going on a 2-month pinning spree on Pinterest. Your evaluation and strategy will give you the whole picture of how it all works together so you aren't taking stabs in the dark with one-off projects.

Client Testimonial from Barbara Steinberg

testimonial from Barbara Steinberg

Marketing Strategy for Your Business to Reach Homeschoolers

with Site, Email, and Social Media Evaluation

Investment: $695

Apply below for your personalized marketing assessment and strategy. This is the first step in working with Homeschool Dot Marketing. Once we review your application, we will let you know your status and how long the wait time is. (We don't work with everyone—only people we know we can get results for.) The assessment and strategy design are performed through the lens of the data from the 2018 Report on the American Homeschool Market

Throughout the process, your company information is kept strictly confidential. Jenn and Jimmie are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to formalize that commitment. 

Your Evaluation Includes 

  • a video screencast (often up to 3 videos) that you can watch and rewatch at your leisure

Your Strategy Includes 

  • a PDF list of top recommended actions for your business to sell to homeschoolers, taking you through STEPS ONE to FOUR from above
  • a 60 minute follow up phone call when you can ask any questions you like and brainstorm strategy

Submit Your Application

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jimmie & Jenn at

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Marketing Assessment FAQ

Q. Will the outline of suggested suggestions be things I can do myself or will I need to outsource them?

A. The answer is dependent on your skillset. If you are accustomed to making changes on your site/store, working inside your email service provider, and managing your social media accounts, you should be able to implement most of the suggestions with minimal research. There may be more technical elements that you will need to hire a developer, graphic designer, or other expert to accomplish on your behalf. Many of the tasks will be things we (Jimmie and Jenn) can help you with or train you how to do.

Q. How long will it take to get my assessment?

A. It will take 2-4 weeks to research your online properties and make our assessment. Then you can take as long as you like with the screencast videos and make the follow-up appointment at your own convenience.

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