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Facebook Ads Case Study: From Losing Money on Ads to Nearly 10x Return

Facebook Ads Case Study: From Losing Money on Ads to Nearly 10x Return

In late 2018 a client approached us about marketing via Facebook ads. This case study outlines the results that client saw from our efforts in early 2019. In short, their ads generated 16.28 ROAS and the entire campaign resulted in 945% ROI.

About the Client

This client sells a physical product via an ecommerce website.

This client, prior to enlisting our services, had a cumulative ROAS of .31 on their Facebook ads. This means they were losing money on ads. For every dollar spent, they earned only $.31 in revenue. They were pushing single sales ads to a cold audience based only on interests/personal demographics.

The Successful Ads Campaign: 16.28 ROAS

After Homeschool dot Marketing’s implementation of a complete Facebook ads strategy, this client saw a dramatic turnaround in results, garnering over $16 in revenue for every dollar of ad spend (16.28 ROAS).

3-month Facebook ads results (Feb. 9 to May 10, 2019) are pictured in the screenshot below:

$3,663 spent on ads (approx $1200 per month)

$59,629 revenue from those ads

16.28 ROAS … or 1628% return on ad spend… For every $1 spend on Facebook ads, this client generated $16.28 in revenue.

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Other metrics of interest

  • 2291 link clicks
  • $1.60 CPC (cost per click)
  • 0.69 CTR (click through rate)
  • $5.20 cost per purchase

What We Did for This Facebook Ads Client

Beyond the ad spend paid directly to Facebook ($3,663), this client also invested $2,650 in the services of Homeschool dot Marketing:

  • ad strategy—campaign funnel outline {5 campaigns • 12 ad sets • 16 ads}
  • ad creation—research, copywriting, and video/graphics creation
  • custom audience set up
  • 2 lead gen offers —In this particular case, the client had no existing lead gen offers. So we helped the client not only with the ideas for two offers but also helped the client create them, including the lead gen offers themselves, copywriting and graphics creation, and landing page copywriting. (In this case, the client did their own landing page set up, connection to EMS, and email follow up sequence.)
  • 3 months ads management—monitoring and tweaking as necessary

Numbers Overview




$59,629 revenue / $6,313 TOTAL SPEND = 9.45 ROI •  944% return

For every dollar this client spent on the campaign (ads and labor), they saw $9.45 in revenue. The client saw a return of almost 10x.

These ads are continuing to generate revenue for this client without any added cost for services from Homeschool dot Marketing. Once we set them up and monitored them for three months, we passed the baton to the client.

How Can You Get These Results?

Of course, every client is unique, and we cannot guarantee a 16 ROAS for every project. But we can probably increase your Facebook ads revenue, especially if you are below 4 ROAS. Before getting started, we’ll assess your Facebook ads account and let you know if we think we can achieve better results for you.

What do you need to get started? There are a few prerequisites to launching a Facebook ads campaign.

  • A product of interest to the homeschool market
  • A few customer testimonials
  • Facebook Ads Manager (or Business Manager) account
  • Facebook pixel installed on your site with conversion tracking connected
  • A Facebook ads budget of at least $1000/month plus budget for our services
  • EMS (email management system such as MailChimp or Hubspot)
  • A way to create landing pages that integrate with your EMS and redirect successful leads to a success page

When you are ready, reach out by emailing info@homeschool.marketing or by scheduling a 20 minute appointment here.


This case study is presented as an example of one particular campaign with one particular client. Strategy varies from situation to situation, and our rates may change at any time. This case study is not a rate sheet, a price quote, a proposal, or guarantee of similar results.

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