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Facebook Ad Campaigns

Once you are ready to get the word out about your product or new offer, Facebook ads are a great place to start. Why?

  • Homeschool moms are on Facebook.
  • Homeschool moms turn to Facebook to find out about the best homeschool resources.
  • Facebook ads allow you to target homeschool moms in particular.
  • Facebook ads are cost effective. (See this case study for an example.)
Facebook Ad Campaign Homeschool Dot Marketing

If you’ve tried Facebook ads before and haven’t been impressed with the results, let us help. There is an art to creating the ad, including both the image and the copy. Our Facebook campaigns include these services:

1. Making sure your landing page is optimized for conversions before a single ad goes live

If your ad directs potential customers to a page with poor user experience or an unclear offer, you aren’t going to see results no matter how incredible the ads are. We will provide suggestions for honing the message on your landing page so you have the best odds at converting sales. We will advise you how to make the most of every single click to your site—even those visitors who don’t actually purchase.

2. Choosing the right images and ad copy that will result in the most targeted clicks and conversions

There are proven methods for Facebook ads that catch eyes and garner clicks. We will research your product and then apply those strategies to your campaign.

3. Analyzing the campaign as it’s in progress and making on-the-fly changes as needed

We don’t just set it and forget it. We test different versions of your ad to find out which ones perform best. We tweak as needed, and even put more budget behind the best performing ads so your money is well spent.


Pricing varies depending on your campaign specifics. However, in general, for a Facebook ad campaign with a total reach of approximately 50,000, you can estimate a minimum of $1700 a month.

  • $500 - $1000 on the Facebook ads themselves (paid directly to Facebook inside the ad manager)
    Facebook ad campaigns are totally transparent. You have full access to your campaign inside Facebook so you can monitor results in real time and see the exact billing charges.
  • $1200 for the consulting and administrative costs of Homeschool dot Marketing
  • (Extra charges apply if you would like us to implement any of the suggestions outlined in step 1 above.)

Please email Jenn and Jimmie at info@homeschool.marketing (or use our contact form) to get started.

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