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If you want more information about your particular customer (or potential customer) base, a custom survey provides specific insights to help you reach the people who are already connected to you as customers, subscribers, and followers on social media. Sample goals for a custom survey may be finding ways to boost customer satisfaction/retention or narrowing choices for future product development.

If you are seeking broader homeschool data that will help you grow your business beyond your current connections, you need our standard homeschool data report.

Combining the insights on the standard homeschool data report with a custom survey will provide the best insights upon which to build a marketing plan.

Custom Survey Homeschool Dot Marketing

Your Custom Research Project Includes

We tailor your custom survey to meet your goals, completing the following tasks as part of the total package:

  1. determine a representative sample size for your project
  2. compose the questions and variables with your goals in mind
  3. help you select unique and valuable survey incentives to boost response conversions
  4. help you promote the survey (via Facebook ads* and your email provider)
  5. analyze data, providing both a summary and a detailed report
  6. outline recommended actions based on the data
  7. provide raw data in spreadsheet form
  8. (optional) integration with your email provider—survey respondents are added to your email list and a specific follow up email is delivered

Your Custom Survey Includes

  • up to 30 questions, including survey logic and A/B test questions if desired
  • custom survey URL and/or embedded on your site
  • your logo in survey heading
  • completion redirect to a landing page on your domain
  • real time shared data link (optional)

Duration of project is dependent on getting the predetermined number of responses to make your survey valid. We keep working until you get the responses you require as per our initial goal.

Investment $1100

*Does not include cost of Facebook ads (suggested $5-15 per day), optional Zapier integration, and email provider subscription.

Please email Jenn and Jimmie at (or use our contact form) to get started.

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