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Custom Facebook Status Updates

The difference between a lively Facebook page and a dead one is interaction. And one of the best ways to get interaction is to generate discussion directly on Facebook—not pointing people away from Facebook, but starting a dialogue right there. Facebook loves that! And Facebook will reward your discussions by showing them to more and more of your followers as more people comment, like, ♥, and tag others.

The Facebook algorithm rewards engagement with even more visibility. The greater activity you generate on discussion posts, the more likely your link posts will also be shown to followers. This means more eyes on links to your blog, your products, your sales, your opt-ins, etc. The more stinkers you publish on your page, the lower your engagement will drop as Facebook shows that less interesting content to fewer fewer fans.

Custom Facebook Updates Homeschool Dot Marketing

Work with the Facebook algorithm instead of against it by posting questions that elicit responses. We have 150 questions you can get for free here.  Try them out and see how they work. We get rave reviews from Facebook page managers when they see the nearly immediate results:

“I scheduled all of these questions about 6 weeks ago, and since then my Facebook engagement is up 178%!” -Renee Brown

“After posting these questions, my engagement has more than doubled; people are actually interacting with one another! -Shelly Sangrey

Although they are good, those 150 questions are generic and are used by other Facebook pages who are also trying to reach the same homeschoolers you are pursuing. Generic is a good start if you are working to revive a stagnant Facebook page. But better than generic are original questions that are customized to your unique readership. And we can write them for you.

Your Custom Facebook Updates

We will research your product and customer base by looking at your website and social media presence. Then we will craft 150 original discussion starters that are mesh with your particular brand, product/service, and company ethos. By publishing 2-3 questions per week, you will have enough material to generate dialogue for an entire year. Then you simply repeat the cycle again. Fill in the gaps with your company blog posts, seasonal promotions, and memes for a complete Facebook page strategy.

Investment $200

If you’d like help getting these questions uploaded into a queue on a scheduling tool such as Buffer or MeetEdgar, we can add on that service. (Subscription fees for both tools apply.)

Please email Jenn and Jimmie at (or use our contact form) to get started.

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