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Content marketing serves two purposes: it drives traffic to your domain and it demonstrates expertise in your field (both to users and to search engines). With articles on your own site, you have non-salesy content to share on social media. Better yet, great articles will be shared by homeschool moms on their own social media accounts. In essence, they are doing your marketing for you! This is the beauty of content marketing.

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Kickstart a Brand New Blog

20 original blog posts, formatted for online reading + images optimized for social sharing

Investment: $1900

You will want to launch your new blog with a base of 8-12 articles at a minimum. Homeschool dot Marketing’s new blog service will set you up with that starting point plus additional articles, scheduled to publish at regular intervals. For example, we may launch your blog with 8 articles and then schedule the remaining 12 articles two per week for 6 weeks. You give us access to your site, and we will do everything for you. The posts will be published on your site without your doing much more than giving us your logo files and approving article topics.

1. topic planning

We will brainstorm relevant article topics based on the keywords related to your product/service.

2. recruiting and managing writers

We will hire skilled writers who are homeschool moms to compose relevant and never before published articles for your site.

3. editing, formatting, and publishing articles

Each article will be properly formatted for online reading, will include keyword rich subheadings, and will be 500-800 words. Each article will link to your store/products naturally within the copy and will also include a call to action (downloading a sample, visiting a product category, subscribing, etc.).

The articles can be ghostwritten or attributed to the original authors as per your preference. These are original articles written by actual homeschoolers and become your property to do with as you wish, including using in PDFs.

4. images

Each article will have at least two images: one optimized for Facebook sharing and another for Pinterest. These images will include your logo and any colors/fonts that match your branding. (Accompanying memes for Instagram can be added to this step if desired.)

Invigorate an Existing Blog

If you have already have blog content (articles), our approach is different. We will start with what you have and dress it up for optimal content marketing.

20 existing blog posts or articles, formatted for online reading + images optimized for social sharing

Investment: $1200

1. assess your content library

We will assess your collection, determining the top 20 pieces to optimize.

2. content overhaul

We will give those best articles an overhaul in terms of SEO, user experience, and social media, including fresh imagery for both Facebook and Pinterest. (If you would like memes made for Instagram, we can add that on during this step.)

3. planning forward

If additional content is needed to round out your content, we will make suggestions for topics and if desired, hire writers for you (see the service above for rates). If you have an abundance of old content that needs to be refreshed, we can continue working on it at the rate of $1200 per 20 posts. If you’d prefer to DIY, we can teach you exactly how we do what we do so that you can take over the work once you have your base of 20 optimized posts.

Let’s Get Started

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, email Jenn and Jimmie at (or use our contact form) to get started.

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