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Bundle Sales for Homeschool Marketing

Homeschool dollars are competitive, and knowing where to press into the market is vital to making money for your business.

Whether it’s a bundle sale or the day-to-day operation of your business, it’s critical to know your Ideal Client Avatar—that homeschool mom or dad who has money in hand to buy your product. Are you reaching your ideal client? How can you know?

  • If your emails, social media posts, and sales are echoing with the sounds of crickets, you’re missing your target market.
  • If you’re confident in your content and social media efforts, and sales are still lagging, you could be missing your target market.

Will a bundle sale help? If you don’t know your target niche, and you’re relying on the broader niche of homeschooling to cast a wide net, a bundle sale may create traffic spikes to your site, but those new visitors may not necessarily result in sales.

Things to Consider When Evaluating a Bundle Proposal

If you’re participating in a bundle sale, it pays to have your strategy well thought out in advance of the sale.

  • How will you transition buyers from free or low bundle pricing to your product’s regular price?
  • Can you keep your brand from being diluted among the glut of so many other competing resources?
  • Will the high quality of your product shine through despite the extremely low price or is your product actually devalued by the steep discount?
  • Will you create a wait for the bundle/sale mentality among your ideal customer, decreasing chances of future sales?

Think of a bundle sale as a sprint in your marketing efforts. It may launch you quickly to some short-term success, but keep your eye on a long-term strategy that builds your business, not just that of the bundle organizers.

If you’re committed to participating in a bundle sale, you need comprehensive data about your market and a strategy for applying it to your particular business.

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Gina Glenn has her own thriving content creation and strategy business at GinaGlenn.com but also helps at Homeschool dot Marketing with various projects, especially those that entail copywriting. She says that the content in The 2018 Report on the American Homeschool Market revolutionized the advice she gives her clients in the homeschool niche.

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