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Wherever you are on the affiliate timeline, we can help. Most people come to us because they want to find homeschool influencers to serve as affiliates. Rest assured, yes, we have the connections to recruit them for you.

But there’s more to your affiliate program than merely getting bloggers and YouTubers signed up! We know what you need to do beforehand and as followup to make the most of your investment in an affiliate program. We will walk through those steps with you, making sure that your affiliate offer is appealing to influencers and that your onboarding process keeps them engaged and productive—sending you traffic and ultimately making you more money.

1. I Have No Affiliate Program Yet

If you are at this stage, we can offer you advice. Consultation includes discussion of

  • the pros and cons of having an affiliate program for your product/service
  • advice about the terms of your program (cookie, commission rate, etc.)
  • the different software or plug-ins available

If necessary, we can provide assistance with setting up the technical side—getting your affiliate program of choice connected to your online store.
Affiliate Consultation Investment: $200, one-time fee

Homeschool affiliate program Homeschool Dot Marketing

What I love about Jimmie is her knowledge, attention to detail, and her extensive network. Working with someone committed, who’s also well-connected, is key to the project’s success. When I work with Jimmie, I trust her. I know that if she says she will do something, she will do it! I see results each time! That’s valuable when you are running a business of any size, especially a start-up where every penny counts and needs to go a long way. – Inga Hope, owner Gentle Guitar

2. I Have a Brand New or Stagnant Affiliate Program

If you already have the framework in place but simply need homeschool influencers to start joining and using your program, we can help! Together we will decide upon a number of influencers to launch (or re-launch) your program. We keep working with you to recruit new affiliates in the homeschool niche until we reach that goal post no matter how long it takes.

More importantly, before we start recruiting, we will help you analyze the program you have to make sure that it’s optimized for new affiliates. We will look at these parts:

  • your sign up page and terms of the program (Are they clear and enticing?)
  • your creatives (Are they varied and lovely?)
  • your email communication and education follow up with affiliates (Is it automated and written to inspire affiliate promotion?)
  • affiliate promotions (Is there a year-long plan for engaging affiliates with fresh products, new offers, and valuable content?)

Affiliate Evaluation and Recruitment Investment: $500, one-time fee

(Additional fees apply for extras such as design of creatives and composing and set-up of an email series.)

3. I Need Affiliate System Management

Once all the prep work is set up and we have reached our agreed upon goal of new affiliates (typically 20-40), if you would like ongoing support of that system, we can help:

  • answering affiliate emails/questions
  • generating and executing quarterly affiliate promotions (contests, special discounts, unique content offers, free trials, etc.)
  • ongoing recruitment of fresh affiliates
  • making fresh and seasonal creatives

Affiliate Management: $350, monthly fee

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