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Quarterly Consulting Calls

Stay on track with your marketing goals with this service. Each quarter, Jenn and/or Jimmie will get on the phone with you for 60-90 minutes to discuss your progress, your obstacles, and your upcoming goals. 

We'll help you brainstorm solutions, evaluate campaigns, prioritize efforts, etc. You get to lead the agenda for the call.

Many clients start off strong with high motivation and clear vision for their marketing efforts but lose steam as the daily grind of running a business takes over their attention. These quarterly calls help you maintain your focus so you know what to do next.

These calls do not include advance preparation or research. For best results, we suggest this service be used as a follow up to our signature getting started service: Personalized Homeschool Marketing Strategy Design. Without that foundation, we can still offer assistance, but our advice will not be as specific to your business if we know little about your company.


Total cost: $1000

  • $500 billed upfront | remaining balance billed at 6-month point, prior to the third quarterly call


Here are three ways to get started on your quarterly consulting calls:

  1. Email us at info@homeschool.marketing.
  2. Use the contact form.
  3. Set up a free 20 minute introductory consult.

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